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Using Business Lists for Telemarketing and Direct Mail

How to Use Business Lists

Listshack.com provides business lists at great prices. Our quality, targeted data is updated three to four times per year and includes every important filter needed to market to your best responding industries and business types. Our easy to use interface makes getting counts and downloading leads simpler than ever before. Our database of more than 15M business records include the following filters for your targeting and counts.


Business List Filters

  • Industry SIC Code - Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes are the most common ways to search for businesses by industry. Listshackpro.com makes it easy to type in the industries you are looking for, like “Restaurants” or “Manufacturers” and the tool will recommend the SIC code closest to what you are looking for.

  • Number of Employees - Identifying businesses by the number of employees, so marketing efforts can be targeted based on the company size, is a great way to use ListShackPro to download business lists.

  • Sales Volume - Using the amount of sales is another great way to identify businesses that will best fit your sales and marketing efforts using ListShackPro.com. Each business has been segmented into easily identifiable groups to speed up the process of getting the best leads and the best price.

  • Years in business - The Years in Business filter is a great way of indentifying mature businesses that have know-how and expertise to value products and services that will best solve its problems.

  • Square Footage - The square footage feature is a great way to identify companies by the size of their footprint or real estate needs. Everything from business cleaning, maintenance, and human resources services can use the square footage filter to identify the best prospects for their services.

  • State - choose to filter base on State’s where you are licensed to do business so you don't waste time and money marketing to consumers that you aren’t licensed to serve.

  • County - Use county as another great way to find the geographic region that is closest or best suited for your products or services.

  • City - The city filter is great for small and medium sized retailers, franchises, and other small and medium sized businesses limited to a demographic that is within a reasonable travel distance.

  • Zip Code - The zip code feature is one of the most effective ways to break up the total count or universe of your target demographic to avoid duplicate records or break down sales and marketing efforts into reasonable chunks.

  • Area code - this filter is another great way to break down your lists into reasonable number of individuals for telemarketing and direct mail campaigns.

Great Ideas for Using Business Lists to do Better Marketing and Sales

  • Create a list of businesses by number of employees to offer group and individual health insurance policies.

  • Create a list of businesses in a geographic region such as state, zip code, area code, city or county to offer merchant processing services.

  • Create a targeted list of businesses by an industry to provide landscaping services.