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Tips for successful telemarketing Tips for successful telemarketing

10 Tips That Every Telemarketer Needs To Know

So you’ve been looking for an inexpensive way to generate hot sales leads to help you hit your sales goals?  Great news!  Telemarketing is here for you!  So where do you start and how can you make this task easier?  Here are ten amazing telemarketing tips to help!


  1. Be Specific.  One of the most common mistakes people make when cold calling is being too generic with their offer.  Let’s take a look at an insurance pitch for example.  “Hey Ms. Jones, I’m calling you today to help with your insurance; would you like a free review of your insurance needs?”  Maybe Ms. Jones is interested in that, but when you make it more specific you increase the odds of getting a positive reaction.  What if instead the pitch was “Hey Ms. Jones.  We’ve recently lowered rates in your area and I’d love to give you a quote to show you just how much you can save!”   Now we’re onto something.

  2. Pitch the Gatekeeper:  This is a lot more relevant to b2b telemarketing, but a lot of times people try to trick the gatekeeper vs using them as an ally.  Especially if you’re calling a small business, it’s entirely possible that the person answering the phone is involved in the decision making process and/or knows exactly who you should be talking to.  No reason to treat them with disrespect by trying to trick them, pitch them exactly what you’re looking for.  For example, “Hi John, I’m calling today because we help businesses get fast approvals on loans.  Is there someone in your office you think I should reach out to so we can find out if that would help your business?”  Of course you are going to get a lot of rejection, but when you start with this approach now you have someone helping you get to the right person instead of leading with a trick.

  3. Accept Rejection:  If your prospect already knows they won’t do business with you, why would you be upset at them saving you time?  There are a lot of prospects out there and if you’re looking to grow your business you want to be focusing on the right type of customer, not just information gatherers that are listening to you “just to be nice”.  

  4. Practice Practice Practice:  When you’re making calls a lot of what you’re doing is listening to what the prospect is saying and how they’re saying it.  If you can say your pitch cold and without thinking about it then it frees up your ability to really focus on the response you’re getting versus forcing yourself to focus on getting your pitch out right.

  5. Record Yourself:  Some states require both parties on a call to consent to recording, but you can always record yourself.  Simply putting a recording device on your desk while you make calls can give you unexpected insight into how you’re saying things and how it’s coming across.  Simply listening to a few calls is well worth the effort.

  6. Choose the Right Audience: You might think you have an awesome product or service that can help everyone, but odds are you have a specific audience you’ll have a higher success rate with than just calling everyone you can get a phone number to, so give it some thoughtful consideration and look for prospects that you think you have the highest chance of being able to help so that way when you get a yes you’ll be able to convert it to a sale.

  7. Set Reasonable Goals: You don’t have any control over whether or not someone wants to hear your pitch, but you can control how many times you pick up the phone and dial as well as how much time you spend calling.  Setting aside a specific amount of time each week with specific targets for goals within your control can help make an exhausting task feel less ambiguous.  Don’t be afraid to start low and work yourself up to bigger goals.

  8. Refine Your Pitch: Obviously if something isn’t working then you don’t want to keep doing it, but give it at least 100 attempts before you make any drastic changes.  If you can make 100 calls and not get anyone interested then you definitely have a problem.  It might just be the audience, but odds are if your product or service is worth selling and you’re calling 100 people that are in your target audience without any traction, it’s time to change it up.

  9. Track Your Results: Something as simple as a spreadsheet can help you keep logs of specific people you contacted, what their needs are, when their renewals are coming up, or all sorts of helpful information.  If you’re tracking your results you can identify how productive things are which can be really motivating; for example, if you know for every 100 calls you make you get five sales, that can give you a clear expectation of what your efforts are getting you.  

  10. Relax:  Telemarketing can be a lot of work and it involves taking a lot of rejection, but take it at your own pace and relax.

Good luck and happy selling!