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Unlimited Business Leads & Business Lists

Unlimited Business Leads & Business Lists

Business Leads and Business Lists


There are over 15 million businesses in the U.S.!  If you want to reach the ones that are most likely to become your customers then you should take advantage of our online portal that will let you instantly search for businesses in your area.  You can search by state, county, city, or zip code.  You can also search by type of industry so you can find customers with the type of needs that you can help them with.


What information comes with this?  

With our business lists you will receive the name of the business, the physical address of their location, phone number, a contact name, contact title, and the industry type all delivered in a CSV file.  You can load the CSV file into anything you’d like including any popular dialer, CRM, or spreadsheet software.


What type of industries benefit from using our business lists?  

Many kinds!  We have credit card processors, insurance agents, commercial real estate agents, and many businesses you’ve never even heard of.  


What’s the best way to use a business list like this?


Obviously these aren’t warm leads, but they’re a great way to build a pipeline full of interested prospects.  The first step in working these business leads once you’ve downloaded them is good old fashioned dialing.  Pick up the phone, call through the list, and make a quick pitch to whoever answers the phone to see if they can connect you with the right person.  As you’re making calls you may find the right person at the right time to get a quick sale, but more importantly along the way you’ll be building relationships and collecting information.  If you keep your information stored somewhere even as simple as a spreadsheet you can start enhancing the business list with contact info and details relevant to your sales process and that information will only become more valuable with time.


Won’t a lot of people say no?


Absolutely.  That’s also probably a good thing.  Realistically people have a filter and if they already know they’re never going to use your product, why wouldn’t you want them to tell you no?  They’re saving you time and effort that you can use to find other prospects that are a better fit for what you’re offering.  Just shake it off and keep moving through the list.  With plans that start at $50/month and millions of leads to choose from, you’ll never have to give it a second thought.