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Tips for Marketing to Retirees and Medicare Recipients Tips for Marketing to Retirees and Medicare Recipients

Tips for Marketing to Retirees and Medicare Recipients

How to Market to Retirees or Consumers Who are on Medicare

With the age of 65 and retirement comes many lifestyle changes from insurance coverage, living arrangements, and hobbies. ListShack offers turning 65 lists at a fraction of the cost of its competitors while providing similar if not the same data quality. You’ll be able to market to those approaching to 65 for less than ever before.


Marketing Lists for Insurance Agents

Insurance agents often attempt to market to individuals that are approaching the age of 65 so that they can get the first bite of the apple to offer them the plans and products that they will need. Especially as the baby boomers age, the number of individuals turning 65 has steadily increased over the last decade, leaving a huge opportunity if you can find an effective way to market to these individuals.

Medicare supplement leads

Although you cannot buy a list of people that are on Medicare, the majority of individuals over the age of 65 do use Medicare as their primary insurance. Marketing Medicare supplement plans, insurance plans that offer features and fill gaps that original Medicare does not cover, is best accomplished by buying leads of individuals that are over the age of 65. Because the large majority of these individuals are married, and each individual, not each family, require separate Medicare supplement plans, speaking with one member of the household is a great way of getting access to someone’s spouse and their friends.

Marketing Lists for Health Service Providers

As a health care provider it's important to market to those people that need your services most and appreciate the value of a health service provider that knows them by name and helps him or her manage their health. Using age filters is a great way to market to people facing similar life changes and health challenges associated with retirement age. Get a targeted marketing list for retirement aged individuals and get the most from your marketing budget.

Marketing Lists for Retirement Homes

Most retirement homes need an effective way of identifying individuals that are planning for their futures and for their families with retirement homes. Finding a targeted marketing list of individuals that are in or approaching that planning stage is an effective way of improving the return on your marketing budget. You can easily target any age, or range of ages of elderly and approaching retirement age.

Marketing Lists for Financial Planners

Marketing to those individuals that are preparing for retirement is a great way of growing the client base for financial planners. As these individuals approach 65, they need services to help them plan for leaving their jobs and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle managing their retirement savings and investments. With List Shack, you can identify those approaching retirement age as well as hone your list in based on income levels to estimate who will need investment guidance versus reverse mortgage or 401K and IRA planning.

Marketing Lists for Estate Attorneys and Law Practices

Estate planners and law practices specializing in wills and trusts find it especially useful to market to those who are preparing for retirement. As these individuals assess their assets and plan for spending time with family, travel, or picking up new hobbies, they will often holistically factor in estate planning and create their will. With List Shack, finding these individuals has never been easier.

Marketing Lists for Prescription Drug Companies

As individuals age, they seek remedies to common ailments like arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes that will allow them to enjoy their travel and retirement. Using a targeted marketing list from List Shack is a great way to market to those individuals that are approaching and well into retirement and most likely to buy and seek the products of prescription drug companies. Look no further to hone your marketing list by age, income, or geographic area to ensure your messaging the right people at the right stage of their life.

Turning 65 Telemarketing Lists

Although baby boomers have rapidly adopted Facebook and most have an email, the most effective way of reaching these individuals is telemarketing. Baby boomers, having grown up before the era of computers or smart phones, usually pay for both cell phones and landlines, and prefer to communicate over the phone or in person. Finding a telemarketing list, the means of executing a targeted telemarketing campaign to speaking with individuals turning 65 is an effective way to grow your customer base.

Turning 65 Mailing Lists

In addition to religiously paying for a landline and cell phone, those turning 65 also check their mail. They expect to receive their bills and still appreciate handwritten and mailed birthday cards and thank you notes from their families. These means that sending targeted mailers is also an effective way get your message and your company top of mind for these individuals. Although the cost of sending an individual mail piece may be higher than a call or an email, you’ll find that this is still an effective way of marketing to this group.

Using ListShack to get Turning 65 Lists

It’s never been easy to download turning 65 lists to find individuals on Medicare, approaching retirement, and looking for age appropriate products and services. Simply use ListShack’s easy to use interface to select the ages of the individuals that you’d like to target. You can refine your search by our other consumer selects below as well! +

ListShack versus other Lead Sources

ListShackPro provides sales leads at a fraction of the price as its competitors. From our Individual Unlimited Plan for $50 per month all the way to our Enterprise plans providing leads at fractions of a penny per record, ListShackPro can’t be beat on price AND you’ll get comparable data quality that will serve the needs of your existing marketing efforts. We’ve been in business for more than 7 years, and through innovative technology advances, we’ve been able to make marketing data more affordable for every business in every industry.

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