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Insurance Lists for Telemarketing & Direct Mail

Insurance Lists

ListShack makes finding insurance lists easier to get and less painful to pay for. With a database of 14M+ U.S. businesses and 200M+ U.S. Consumers at rock bottom prices, you’ll be able to get a targeted list of prospects for your insurance business campaign in no time.

Insurance agents and Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs) can easily get access to all of the high quality, accurate lists such as turning 65 lists, final expense lists, homeowner lists, and long term care lists using an online, user friendly system that makes lists available 24/7 - 365.


Insurance lists for telemarketing

All of our lists include telephone numbers scrubbed against the do not call registry. These lists can be targeted based both business and consumer filters that make the most sense for targeting prospects for your business. Telemarketing is a fantastic way to ensure that you can market to the right people in the way that they communicate best at a cost that makes sense for your budget.

Insurance lists for direct mail

All of our lists come with address and can be targeted based on zip code, area code, county, or state, so that you can easily hone your marketing list for your next direct mail campaign. Direct mail is a fantastic way to stay top of mind for your insurance prospects and ensure that every person that you want to market to will see your piece.

Trusted Provider of Insurance Lists

ListShack is the trusted solution for thousands of professionals in the United States and abroad for targeting insurance prospects to grow your business. Our lists can be used to target the following insurance products.

Life Insurance

Life insurance agents use ListShack to target consumers that are most likely to be interested in a life insurance policy that makes the most sense for their family and friends. ListShack makes it easy to target high income consumers for whole life policies and middle income and homeowners for term and value life insurance products. Marketing lists for Life Insurance products are an effective way of marketing your for agencies of any size.

Homeowners Insurance

ListShack makes it easy to target your marketing to homeowners in any geographic region based on age, income, credit range, marital status, and gender. Targeting Homeowners as part of a targeted campaign to grow the number of homeowners insurance products your company sells is win - win for both customers and company.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance or DI policies are increasingly important for americans as more than 18% of United States citizens live with a disability, and more than 25% of americans will suffer a disabling injury before he or she retires. ListShack makes it easy download targeted lists for individual disability insurance and business-supplied disability insurance products. Targeting high risk industries is an effective way of identifying businesses that need to offer employer-supplied disability insurance to its employees.

Long-term Health Care

Long-term health care products are an important part of planning for retirement and keeping peace of mind during the golden years. Identifying individual consumers by age and income using ListShack is a simple way of growing your business by spending your marketing budget getting in front of those individuals that need these policies the most during. Use telemarketing or direct mail to ensure that consumers looking to purchase these policies know about your products.

Financial Planning

Given the economic climate of the last ten years, its never too early to begin financially planning and growing your client base has never been easier. Using age, income, and geographic region filters, it's easy to make sure that you can find the right clients for your 401K, IRA, and wealth management services. Marketing lists for financial planners is part of our expertise at ListShack.

Final Expense

Final expense agents won’t find a more cost effective and simple solution to target consumers that are most likely to need final expense policies. Using our targeted lists, you’ll be able to market to individuals in the stage of life that need your product the most and provide the biggest return on your marketing budgets. Final expense agents can use all of our consumer filters to create a targeted marketing list.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Every year in December and October medicare open enrollment presents a fantastic time to marketing to those who will be qualifying to enroll in medicare. Turning 65 lists are easier than ever before to download and market to in any geographic region. Using these lists is a great way to sell more medicare supplement plans and grow your business.

Using ListShack to get Insurance Lists

It’s never been easy to download insurance lists to find individuals on medicare, approaching retirement, and looking for age appropriate products and services. Simply use ListShack’s easy to use interface to select the ages of the individuals that you’d like to target. You can refine your search by our other consumer selects below as well!


  • Age

  • Year and Month Born

  • Estimated Income Range

  • Homeowner Status

  • Marital Status

  • Gender

  • Property Value

  • Property Type

  • Year Built

  • Purchase Year

  • Net Worth

  • Credit Rating

  • State

  • County

  • City

  • Zip Code

  • Area Code

ListShack versus other Lead Sources

ListShack provides sales leads at a fraction of the price as its competitors. From our Individual unlimited Plan for $50 per month all the way to our Enterprise plans providing leads at fractions of a penny per record, ListShack can’t be beat on price AND you’ll get comparable data quality that will serve the needs of your existing marketing efforts. We’ve been in business for more than 7 years, and through innovative technology advances, we’ve been able to make marketing data more affordable for every business in every industry.

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