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How to Get The Best Price on a Telemarketing List

How to Get The Best Price on a Telemarketing List

If you’re looking for a telemarketing list there are tons of companies interested in your business, so how do you pick the right one? Who provides the best quality? Who provides the best price? What filters are the most important? Are you renting a list or do you own it? It’s easy to get confused by the complicated process; hopefully this helps.


Define the Type of List You Want

When it comes to buying a list you can typically either buy one from a compiler or a list broker. Compilers are the folks actually getting the data together by collecting it from different sources and then standardizing it in a central location. List brokers work differently, they have relationships with compilers that allow them to buy and sell data. Frequently a list broker can get you a better price than working directly with a compiler because they leverage their relationships to help build value. Why does this matter? If you’re looking for key types of data such as trigger lists, new homeowner data, or super targeted information it may only be available directly from a compiler or the actual source of the data. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more basic you can probably save a bundle and get more attention by working directly with a list broker.

Standard Telemarketing Lists

A standard marketing list on the consumer side is usually going to be something basic with filters that help you identify things such as a customer’s specific age, credit score, the value of their home, annual income, gender, and basic property info. A standard marketing list on the business side is going to target them by industry type, number of employees, and sales revenue. Of course with both you’ll be able to search by basic geography which will include searching by city, state, zip code, country, or area code. Usually the cost of a standard marketing list will start at around 15 cents per record, but with volume can get to a penny per record or less.

Premium Telemarketing Lists

Sometimes a standard telemarketing list won’t work. There are a multitude of premium data sets available such as trigger data which will let you know when folks are searching for a loan, opt-in leads from websites and lead generation platforms, new homeowner data, and quite a long list more. The premium you’ll pay for these lists can vary, but at the low end it’s usually around 25 cents per record and can go as high as several dollars each record!

With a premium telemarketing lists it’s critical that you understand the company that’s providing it and why they’re charging a premium. The list business lacks any real transparency as to where the data comes from, which is understandable considering what the business is based on, but it opens the door for dishonest list brokers to be passing off standard data at a premium price simply because you don’t know any better. To make matters work, it’s not uncommon for premium data to perform at roughly the same rates standard data does which results in nearly zero accountability.

Custom Telemarketing Lists

Custom marketing lists usually start off either from scratch or as a standard telemarketing list. A great example of this would be getting a list of attorneys sorted by area of practice. Getting a standard list of attorneys is pretty easy, but getting a list of attorneys that specialize in domestic cases can be challenging. What some companies will do is simply take that raw list of attorneys and then hire telemarketers to go through and manually collect the area of expertise. It’s also common to hire data collection specialists that will simply scrape that information off of websites to amass together a list. Of course the question is does this process actually improve ROI or is it simply adding a layer of complication that doesn’t need to be there. For example, if your company provides document shredding services for law firms and typically do well with a given practice area you may try to focus only that area, but what you may find if you simply market to a standard list of attorneys is that you open yourself up to new markets that are as receptive to your marketing as any other industry.

Negotiating the Best Price on a Telemarketing List

One of the advantages of the non-standardization of list pricing is that you usually do have some room for negotiation. Obviously it never hurts to ask, but your chances of getting a better deal go up quite a bit if you’re working with a larger budget. Ultimately most pricing comes down to volume so if you’re looking at doing a 1,000 record test you may pay as much as $150 or more, but with even a modest increase to 5,000 records you may only need to pay $250.

Comparing Options

Most list sellers offer some type of an accuracy guarantee. Rarely is it a 100% replacement, but usually if the accuracy doesn’t hit at least a certain threshold you can get some type of a replacement. It’s also not uncommon to be able to work out