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How to Find Targeted Direct Mail Lists

Find Targeted Direct Mail Lists

ListShack makes finding direct mail lists easier to get and less painful to pay for. With a database of 14M+ U.S. businesses and 200M+ U.S. Consumers at rock bottom prices, you’ll be able to get a targeted list of prospects for your direct mail campaign in no time.


Direct mail marketing lists

Direct mail is fantastic way to make sure that your customer will see your message. Although many businesses and consumers have affectionately termed direct mail as “junk mail,” almost every consumer and business will look at your piece before they throw it away. Direct mail has become a go-to marketing technique for many small, medium, and large businesses across the United States. These businesses leverage accurate direct mail marketing lists to target their audience and stay in front of new customers and existing clients.

Accurate Direct Mail Marketing Lists

Because so many banking and utility services require a verifiable physical address for sending statements and turning on services, the United States Postal Services maintains a comprehensive database of every mailable U.S. address. When a consumer moves, he or she is required to register that move with the USPS to ensure that their mail and bills are delivered to the correct address. As a result, the USPS operates the National Change of Address (NCOA) Link system, to provide businesses and marketers access to these address changes for their records for a fee. More information about NCOA Link from the USPS is available at https://ribbs.usps.gov/index.cfm?page=ncoalink. Individual businesses that lack the resources to get a NCOA Link services license directly from the USPS can pay for these services through direct mail companies or other third party data providers and brokers, including Affordable Marketing Lists. NCOA Link licensing and direct mail advertising is a significant revenue source for the USPS.

Methods of Direct Mail Marketing

There are many ways of sending direct mail. A common way of sending direct mail marketing that reduces postage expense is every door direct mail (EDDM) or saturation direct mail marketing. The USPS offers reduced postage rates for businesses that provide a piece of direct mail for every mailable address in a given area or mail route. More targeted direct mail methods include postcards and variable data printing. Post cards can sent to businesses and consumers of a particular firmographic nature. Variable data printing is a method whereby a direct mail company prints particular images and words based on the demographic or firmographic information of the person or business that it will be mailed to. There is a direct mail method for every type of marketing, from lenders that wish their mail pieces to look like bills or official notices to more creative handwritten printing or publishing methods, to mailing promotional items or even coconuts to consumers and businesses.

Save marketing budget using a direct mail list and direct mail

Using Listshack as your source for direct mail addresses and marketing list targeting is a great way to save money on an already cost effective approach to marketing. ListShack not only offers mailing lists at a fraction of the cost of other marketing data companies like Salesgenie, infofree, and experian, but direct mail itself is a very cost effective way of marketing to businesses and consumers. Because the price of large printing, cost effective data from list shack, and more affordable postage rates from the USPS, direct mail is used by thousands of businesses as their primary source of finding new customers. The marketing approach can be further tested and refined using A/B Split testing as well as other approaches. Nonprofits often receive reduced shipping and postage rates from the USPS when using direct mail advertising.

Pinpoint Targeting with ListShack for Direct Mail Campaigns

Choose from the most important search selections to target your business and consumer lists to your businesses marketing plan.

Business Filters

  • Search Industry by SIC Code

  • Number of Employees

  • Sales Volume

  • Years in business

  • Square Footage

  • State

  • County

  • Zip Code

  • Area Code

Consumer Filters

  • Age

  • Year and Month Born

  • Estimated Income Range

  • Homeowner Status

  • Marital Status

  • Gender

  • Property Value

  • Property Type

  • Year Built

  • Purchase Year

  • Net Worth

  • Credit Rating

  • State

  • County

  • City

  • Zip Code

  • Area Code

Common uses for Direct Mail Lists

  • Identify businesses by SIC code for targeted direct mail offers.

  • Identify consumers in California with $75K income or greater to offer solar panels.

  • Identify technology companies with $5M+ annual revenue to offer telecommunications services or software.

  • Identify individuals with $100K income or greater to offer financial planning services.

  • Many, many, more