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Finding Quality Homeowner Leads

Find Quality Homeowner Leads to Grow Your Business

ListShack makes finding home owner sales leads easier than checking your email with its user friendly interface and pinpoint targeting. With a database of 200M+ U.S. consumers and rock bottom pricing, you’ll be able closing more deals and growing your business at a fraction of the cost.

Marketing Lists for Homeowners are good for your Business’ Marketing Campaigns

Finding and marketing to homeowners is a great way to target consumers that have specific, predictable needs. Homeowners tend to spend more money on construction and handyman projects, hvac, roofing, have more needs for family and home goods, and spend money on furniture, and home services like cable, internet, and pest control. Home owners are also more likely to buy homeowners insurance, have multi vehicle policies for automobile insurance, and spend money on family outings and vacations.

Market to Homeowners with Money to Spend

Homeownership in the United States is an indicator of higher incomes and family status. In the United States, homeowners tend to be older and across the United States live in more suburban and rural areas. As you market and sell to homeowners these key facts and trends can help you develop your marketing materials and your messaging. You can read more about home owner macro trends here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home-ownership_in_the_United_States.

Pinpoint homeowner targeting with ListShack

Choose from the most important search selections to target your homeowner leads to your businesses marketing plan.


  • Age

  • Year and Month Born

  • Estimated Income Range

  • Homeowner Status

  • Marital Status

  • Gender

  • Property Value

  • Property Type

  • Year Built

  • Purchase Year

  • Net Worth

  • Credit Rating

  • State

  • County

  • City

  • Zip Code

  • Area Code

Ideas for using Homeowner Leads

  • Identify homeowners with incomes greater than $80K per year to sell custom remodelling projects

  • Identify homeowners that have lived in their homes longer than five years to sell solar panels for their home

  • Find homeowners that own homes that are older than 50 years for offering pest control and home rehabilitation services.