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Using Consumer Lists for Telemarketing or Direct Mail

How to Use Consumer Lists

Listshack.com offers consumer lists at great prices. We offer a comprehensive database of 200M+ persons in the United States with the targeted filters you need to hone in on your market and get a great return on your marketing dollars. Our lists are great for direct mail or telemarketing. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and speak to a consumer data broker who can give you in-depth information about how to use ListShack.com as well as tell you more about our full service and specialty databases to supplement your consumer marketing efforts.

You don’t need to look any further than listshack.com if you are looking for great consumer marketing data. Read our customer reviews and see what thousands of professionals are saying about ListShack.com and compare listshack.com to some of the other data brokers in the industry.


Consumer filters

  • Age - target adults in the United State based on their age, so you can send the right offers to the right age group, whether you are looking for young adults or seniors approaching retirement or anything above or between.

  • Year and Month Born - Using year and month born filters you can get turning 65 lists or target consumers by birth month. However you want to identify age, it’s yours with these filters.

  • Homeowner status - homeownership is an indicator of wealth, marital status, and spending needs. Whether you do home services like construction, remodel, roofing, or hvac, or you offer refinance or lending offers, homeowner status is a great filter for your targeting.

  • Marital status - target single or married people with the right offers. Marital status is a great indicator for maturity and social interests as well as income family status.

  • Gender - Send your marketing to men or women, so you can use the right language and market the right products to your audience.

  • Property Value - property value is a great way to predict equity, network, and income and social status. Use this filter to make sure you are getting in front of the right type of homeowner.

  • Property Type - property type is a great way to target by social and family status. Choose whether you are targeting single family or multifamily dwelling units.

  • Year Built - target your leads by the year a home was built so that you can target based on the expected age of neighborhoods, whether its new construction or resale homes, and decide whether you should spend your time advertising remodel or new construction or landscaping services.

  • Purchase Year - use purchase year to identify whether you are dealing with a long time or relatively new homeowner. This field is best used if you are targeting homeowners that purchased within the last 1 - 2 years, and not for new movers or new homeowner leads.

  • Net Worth - use this filter to find the financial net worth that makes the most sense for the products or services that you offer, whether your insurance, lending, or home services products are best suited for low or high net worth individuals.

  • Credit Rating - Credit rating is a great way to choose the credit range that you are targeting for your lending or financial offers without having to deal with secure FICO and FINRA regulation requirements.

  • State - choose to filter base on State’s where you are licensed to do business so you don't waste time and money marketing to consumers that you aren’t licensed to serve.

  • County - Use county as another great way to find the geographic region that is closest or best suited for your products or services.

  • City - The city filter is great for small and medium sized retailers, franchises, and other small and medium sized businesses limited to a demographic that is within a reasonable travel distance.

  • Zip Code - The zip code feature is one of the most effective ways to break up the total count or universe of your target demographic to avoid duplicate records or break down sales and marketing efforts into reasonable chunks.

  • Area code - this filter is another great way to break down your lists into reasonable number of individuals for telemarketing and direct mail campaigns.

Ideas for using Consumer lists

Consumer lists are great for any business - to-consumer marketing campaign whether you need to do broad mass marketing or targeted offers. Here are few great ways our customers use our data.

  • Telemarket consumers by geographic region to offer insurance and financial planning products

  • Market to those approaching retirement with Medicare supplement plan offers

  • Direct mail homeowners about your home services such as lawn care, roofing, HVAC, or remodeling services

  • Telemarket to a scored list of homeowners with high credit scores to offer them solar panels