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Where Does Data Come From? -- Seven Sources for Marketing Leads

Introduction to Marketing Data

Anyone who has done marketing at scale has heard these questions before: How did you get my name? Who gave you my number? How can I stop all the advertising? They are common questions from people who are frustrated with solicitations or, in some cases, are ornery by nature. Regardless of the attitude or tone used to ask the question, it deserves an answer. Despite the rumors, marketing data does not just appear from thin air.

Marketing data drives the economy. Businesses thrive or survive based on how effectively they are able to market their products and services to people or businesses that need them. Whether it's the timely introduction from a friend of a friend that can help, or the killer new device that all the friends and family are buying, without marketing there would be less cool stuff to make our lives better. By definition, you’ve heard of all the companies that effectively use marketing data that matter to you, and if any business is going to thrive, it must effectively source and use marketing data too. So where does the data come from? Here are seven common sources for marketing data.

How to Market to Retirees or Consumers Who are on Medicare

With the age of 65 and retirement comes many lifestyle changes from insurance coverage, living arrangements, and hobbies. ListShack offers turning 65 lists at a fraction of the cost of its competitors while providing similar if not the same data quality. You’ll be able to market to those approaching to 65 for less than ever before.

ListShack Customer Reviews

ListShack provides sales leads at a fraction of the price as its competitors. From our Individual unlimited Plan for $50 per month all the way to our Enterprise plans providing leads at fractions of a penny per record, ListShack can’t be beat on price AND you’ll get comparable data quality that will serve the needs of your existing marketing efforts. We’ve been in business for more than 7 years, and through innovative technology advances, we’ve been able to make marketing data more affordable for every business in every industry.

Insurance Lists

ListShack makes finding insurance lists easier to get and less painful to pay for. With a database of 14M+ U.S. businesses and 200M+ U.S. Consumers at rock bottom prices, you’ll be able to get a targeted list of prospects for your insurance business campaign in no time.

Insurance agents and Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs) can easily get access to all of the high quality, accurate lists such as turning 65 lists, final expense lists, homeowner lists, and long term care lists using an online, user friendly system that makes lists available 24/7 - 365.

How to Select a List Broker

So you need to buy a marketing list? Or maybe just need some phone numbers to call or some addresses to mail to? Maybe you need to supplement your sales team’s outbound efforts with email addresses? Do you need cell phone numbers for voicemail drops?

You need a list broker.

How to Get The Best Price on a Telemarketing List

If you’re looking for a telemarketing list there are tons of companies interested in your business, so how do you pick the right one? Who provides the best quality? Who provides the best price? What filters are the most important? Are you renting a list or do you own it? It’s easy to get confused by the complicated process; hopefully this helps.

How to Get Cheap Roofing Leads

If you’re one of the thousands of roofing contractors looking for new business you’re looking for great leads, and even better if they’re cheap! So how do you get in front of thousands of prospects in your area without having to take out a loan?

Just How Accurate Are Marketing Lists?

There are two primary reasons why our customers call and ask us this question. First, they are just starting their marketing journey and they’ve not used marketing lists before. Second, they’ve just had what they think is a bad experience with marketing data, more disconnects than they would care for or a lot of returned mail pieces, maybe even a bunch of hard bounces on the email list that they used. No matter the reason why you are asking the question, the basic answer is the same:

Most marketing lists from reputable sources are of about the same accuracy.

Find Targeted Direct Mail Lists

ListShack makes finding direct mail lists easier to get and less painful to pay for. With a database of 14M+ U.S. businesses and 200M+ U.S. Consumers at rock bottom prices, you’ll be able to get a targeted list of prospects for your direct mail campaign in no time.

Find Quality Homeowner Leads to Grow Your Business

ListShack makes finding home owner sales leads easier than checking your email with its user friendly interface and pinpoint targeting. With a database of 200M+ U.S. consumers and rock bottom pricing, you’ll be able closing more deals and growing your business at a fraction of the cost.

How to Use Consumer Lists

Listshack.com offers consumer lists at great prices. We offer a comprehensive database of 200M+ persons in the United States with the targeted filters you need to hone in on your market and get a great return on your marketing dollars. Our lists are great for direct mail or telemarketing. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and speak to a consumer data broker who can give you in-depth information about how to use ListShack.com as well as tell you more about our full service and specialty databases to supplement your consumer marketing efforts.

You don’t need to look any further than listshack.com if you are looking for great consumer marketing data. Read our customer reviews and see what thousands of professionals are saying about ListShack.com and compare listshack.com to some of the other data brokers in the industry.

How to Use Business Lists

Listshack.com provides business lists at great prices. Our quality, targeted data is updated three to four times per year and includes every important filter needed to market to your best responding industries and business types. Our easy to use interface makes getting counts and downloading leads simpler than ever before. Our database of more than 15M business records include the following filters for your targeting and counts.

How To Build The Right Telemarketing Lists

Every day millions of salespeople work hard to find new customers. One of the least expensive options for generating new business is cold calling. Why? Because building the right telemarketing list is easy. One approach to building the right type of marketing list is to spend a lot of time doing research on your ideal customer. LinkedIn has created a neat ecosystem for people to be able to search for folks in their area by industry type, position, and company. For some people this makes a lot of sense, especially if you’re working in a very specific niche and need to speak with very specific people. For most folks this easily ends up being a distracting process.